George von Dassow


You’re visiting my personal website, where you can find galleries of my photos and micrographs, a few videos of cells and embryos, and reprints of some of my publications.  

I am a biologist affiliated with the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston, Oregon; we are part of the University of Oregon.  My research presently focuses on the cell biology of animal development.  Much of that research consists of taking pictures and movies of fluorescently-labeled cells, and most of the scientific material you will find here relates to the early development of marine invertebrates.

If you are interested in the scientific work I do, I have a separate research website, and also please visit the Center for Cell Dynamics (my former lab).


Confocal section of an eight-cell purple urchin embryo labeled for microtubules (blue) and F-actin (orange).  This is a side view, and four of the eight cells are visible; the cells toward the bottom are preparing to divide unequally.

Please note: all downloadable images and movies on this site are mine.  You are welcome to use anything you like for non-commercial, non-copyrighted purposes (like lectures and handouts) as long as you attribute them to me.  Please do not use my images and movies for any publication, including other websites, without getting explicit permission from me.

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